Military Road Museum of Lavaca

Lavaca Arkansas


Our historical building in the middle of the oldest part of town is filled with treasures from this area from the early 1800s to present.  You'll find memories are flooding back once you see the many artifacts and photos on display.  We are filled to the rafters but always eager to add more!


 Take a peek at our gallery to see some of the current displays available when you give us a visit!

The Military Road Museum of Lavaca is located at 305 East Main Street in downtown Lavaca. Our museum is open every Saturday from 9:00 AM until 12 Noon.  We can open for anyone during other hours and will make every effort to accommodate your class reunion, school field trips  or out-of-town visitors!           Contact the museum administrator, at 479-674-2967 or 479-739-2482 for more information.  

303 South Main Street                         Lavaca, Arkansas 72941

phone: 479-739-2482 or 479-674-2967