Military Road Museum of Lavaca

Lavaca Arkansas


About Us

The Military Road Museum of Lavaca was founded in the 1990s by late Woody Green.  Mr. Green wanted to protect and preserve the history of his hometown of Lavaca.  Starting out in a borrowed room in the Lavaca School System, the collections soon outgrew the one room where it was housed.  The City of Lavaca graciously allowed the museum to be housed on Main Street  in the former Dayton Brewer Drug Store buiding.  

In 2005, Woody took a step back and asked Jack James to be the new curator of the museum.  Jack and Woody have worked to create a home for local artifacts of interest from the local citizens who have been so kind to loan or donate many wonderful historical pieces. 

Woody Green passed away in 2011 from cancer.  This museum is dedicated to keeping his dream alive.


Committee Members

Jack James: Administrator/Curator: . 

Members: Megan Renfro & Bobby Jim Martin



A place called Lavaca where the blue water has no end,
And the smell of honeysuckle romances with the wind.
The curves of the Arkansas sway in a spectacle of dance,
As the Sun paints a red image and induces a sacred trance.
Mighty Oak trees stand tall like a fortress built to last forever,
Around her border to take on any storm they can endeavor.
From its low rich bottom land soil to its rocky flat plateaus,
The sights of nature combine and its glory we'll always bestow.
Faces of all color have called this beautiful place their own,
As seen even today in the eyes of a little town that has grown.
Its past you can feel with a stroll that begins at a sacred Church,
Where native footprints strolled by for their future they did search.
Flags of a sad past fly high to show a vision of where she's been,
And stones reveal carved names of war heroes of past fallen kin.
Its pride is reflected in photos that once started as Military Grove,

      As a museum in its heart hold memories like a coveted treasure trove.  
     Called Lavaca it finally came after it's past was known as Oak Bower,
     Is a strong tradition of heritage as reflected in its mascot Golden Arrow! 
                                                                                                          Jay Dooly